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Within the HammerTech system, Equipment Inspections can now be created and submitted by inducted workers within the project.

To be able to provide permission for a worker to complete an inspection on a piece of a equipment, there are a few things that need to be set up within project and administration settings. If this is already done you can see here how to assign an inspection to a worker - Worker Created Equipment Inspections.

  • You need to ensure equipment that has been inducted has authorised operators associated with it 
  • Note: Authorised operators are workers who have the relevant license/s associated with that equipment type. When you are inducting equipment onto site, one of the steps involves selecting Authorised Operators (see here how to Induct Equipment)
  • Within the Equipment option on the left hand side menu, if you select a piece of inducted equipment, you can check what workers have been authorised to operate it. This can be changed/added to by selecting the blue cog in the top right corner > Edit


  • Within Administration > Inspection Types the inspection type has to be flagged as 'Worker Allowed to Create

  • Within the same page, down the bottom you will also need to select which equipment types you want linked to that inspection type. For example, you would ensure Forklift is linked with the Forklift Daily Prestart Inspection.

  • Similar to Inspection Types, under Administration > Issue Types, you need to select what issue types are able to be raised by workers when completing an inspection.

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