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As the primary contact or nominated representative for a subcontractor, you now have the ability to induct equipment within the HammerTech system yourself. To do this:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), navigate to the correct project and then using the left hand menu select > Equipment.
  • Select the + button in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • Select the Equipment Category (if applicable) which will filter down the list of Equipment Types below
  • Select the Equipment Type from the drop-down menu or Select By Picture. Once the equipment type has been selected you can click on the image to view an enlarged version.
  • Within Induction Overview complete the information of the Hire Company (if applicable) 


  • Within Equipment Details, enter each of the specific details for that piece of Equipment. This section is specific to each piece of equipment and therefore will include different information depending on the plant being inducted. Make sure to complete and read through all information presented.
  • Note: The 'Unique Code' is blank by default and not a mandatory field, however your own 'Unique Code' can be entered here if required.
  • Servicing for Equipment can be recorded either by 'Date' or 'Hours & Date'

Service Details by Date

Service Details by Hours & Date

  • If you have selected by Hours & Date - the system, upon you entering all the necessary data, will calculate the best ‘Date Next Service’ automatically for you, to notify you to check hours and update the ‘Current Hours’.

  • If the form has 'custom fields' such the one above, these will need to be filled out as required.
  • Select any applicable SWMS that you wish to associate to the Equipment
  • Select the personnel who will be the operators of the Equipment. Only personnel who have the relevant licence for the Equipment (if applicable) will be displayed under Authorised Operators
  • Select the Sign box and use your touchscreen (or mouse) to sign the form. Type in your name where required.
  • Once completed, Select either:
    • Save as Draft (save to complete induction at a later date)
    • Submit For Approval (will be sent to the main contractor for review)


  • The primary contact will receive a notification to advise when the piece of equipment is either approved or rejected by the main contractor, along with any comments.


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