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When a subcontractor inducts a piece of equipment on site, it is necessary to review the details, complete any checklists and approve or reject the induction.

Note: To set up your dashboard so that you can view when Employers have submitted items such as equipment inductions and how many require review, see Dashboard > Employer Self Service.

Otherwise, to view equipment inductions that are pending review:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Equipment
  • Select the piece of equipment that requires review. You can use the filter icon in the top right corner to choose to view only those items that are 'pending review'

  • Once the piece of equipment has been selected, click on the blue cog in the top right corner and > Edit
  • Review the information that's been provided by the subcontractor
  • Complete the Equipment Checklist at the bottom of the page and leave any notes in the comment box, if required. Note: You can save changes and come back to complete the review checklist at a later date.
  • Choose the action you wish to take -
    • Approve - Equipment will be successfully inducted to site. Subcontractor will receive a notification advising
    • Fail - Subcontractor will receive a notification advising, and will be required to action it
    • Save Changes - remains in pending review status for further review at a later date

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