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Create an Inspection

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > INSPECTIONS > Start New Inspection

  • Select the appropriate Inspection Category from the drop down list (if set up this will filter down the list of Inspection Types)

  • Select the Inspection Type from the drop down menu

  • Include an Inspection Description in the box below - this will make it easier for others to view and search for details of the inspection

  • If you wish to assign the inspection to a specific employer so that all Observations raised will be automatically assigned to them, then select the relevant Employer from the next drop down

  • If the inspection type is associated with Equipment or Permits, you will then be prompted to select the particular piece of equipment or particular permit that is being inspected (only those associated with your employer will show). Once satisfied with the selection Select > the +Create button again.


  • The HammerTech system allows you to complete an Inspection in real time by entering the details as you go. Therefore, the Inspection Date and Created By fields are automatically populated
  • If you have checklists set up then you can add them by selecting 'Add Checklist' or if a checklist has been configured to automatically be added when selecting a particular Inspection Type then it will automatically be added (See Inspection Setup > Adding an Inspection Type)
  • To add or edit checklists see Inspections Setup > Creating a Checklist
  • Open the checklist by selecting the text "Checklist Incomplete" which will expand it.


  • The expanded Checklists will show you to see the progress of the checklist when conducting your Inspection.
  • To assign a location to a checklist select the blue settings cog on the right from "Checklist Incomplete" > Assign to Location and select from the drop down options that have been set up.


Raising an Observation

  • Observations added within Inspections are either positive or negative. Select the blue + button to start adding in your Observations
  • Select the Observation Type from the drop down menu. Depending on the Inspection Type selected this may or may not limit which Observation Types you can select. Some inspections may have only one Observation Type while others may have multiple options
  • Once you identify if the Observation is 'positive' or 'negative', the box will expand for you to add in all the required additional information.  You will also have to select The Observation Type where multiple Observation types are available on the respective Inspection.
  • Each observation is to be assigned a Responsible Party which can be selected through the drop down menu. Observations can be raised against a Subcontractor or an Internal User by selecting the required option from the drop down menu. Additional companies can be added where there is more than one responsible party, by selecting '+Add Additional Responsible Party'.
  • If there are Functions set up in the system, you can select the relevant option from the drop down (see image below), which will then filter the list of employers, making it easier for you to select the right responsible party. If you have only set up one function or have not set any up at all then you can ignore this step. (To read about how to set up Functions in the system see Company > Configure and Assign Functions to Employers)


  • Add the Observation Location (if a location hasn't already been assigned to the checklist you are adding the Observation in) by selecting one of the drop down options. To see how to add or edit locations, go to - Project > Setting Up Location Hierarchies
  • When the observation is negative, the Resolution section will appear allowing the user to add additional details to monitor the Observation's close out. By selecting Priority, the Due Date will automatically be completed

  • The Already Resolved tick-box, provides you the ability to flag that an item has been fixed, which will continue to store the details of the Observation for reporting/audit purposes, but will not assign the Observation to the responsible party for rectification, once submitted

  • By selecting Require Fix Photo, the Subcontractor will not be able to submit a Resolution without attaching a photo. However, if you as the Site Staff close out this Observations, you will not be required to attach a photo.
  • The final stage of creating an Observation, allows you to add between 1 - 3 photos of the observation. Select > Choose File and:
    • mobile device (phone / tablet) - select whether you wish to use an existing photo from your gallery or take a new picture. Follow the prompts of your relevant device and assign a photo.
    • desktop/laptop computer - browse your file system for the photo to assign.
  • Annotations can be added to the photo / pictures upload, by selecting the annotate button


  • Once completed, Select Save Observation

  • Note: in case of a problem, the system will automatically save the Inspection after each Observation is added

  • Repeat the above process for all Observation Observations

  • When all observations have been inputted, select Close as Draft - to save the Inspection as is
    Note: this Inspection has now been saved in 'Draft'

  • To send out all the Observations raised to the responsible parties, prior to completing the inspection, select the Send Interim Observation(s) option - the inspection will still stay open and subcontractors assigned to Observations are notified

  • Or to submit the select Complete Inspection after selecting from the drop down the type of report you wish to receive (Observation List, Open Observations with no pictures, Inspection details (No Pictures), Inspection details (With Pictures), or No Report)

  • To see how you can edit and manage the Observations raised within inspections, see Observations > Managing Observations Within Inspections



Note: Only the person who created the inspection can submit it.



  • The attendees list is automatically populated with the details of the individual undertaking the Inspection with the option of adding additional attendees. Additional attendees can be populated through individuals joining the Inspection

  • To add the attendees manually, select +Add Attendees and complete the attendee details in the additional line


  • Select the +Add Attendee icon to save the details entered or the Add Attendee and New from the drop-down menu

  • Note: If the email address entered does not follow an email format, an error will appear prompting the user to fix this

    OR select Import from the drop-down menu to easily select and Import attendees from the most recent Inspection of the same type


  • Select the tick-box for the personnel you wish to Import and select the yellow Import icon

  • To modify attendees details, select the blue cog and then the 'Edit' button or the 'Remove' button

  • You can also add signatures to each attendee by selecting the Sign option (See Adding Signatures to Inspection Attendees)



Additional Recipients

The ability to add Additional Recipients is to include personnel in correspondence (reports) who were not in attendance for the Inspection.

  • Select +Add Recipient

  • Three options are available: 
    • Search for existing personnel by typing their name in the search bar
    • Search by Employer by selecting the Employer from the drop-down menu and then the worker from the next drop-down menu
    • Or; Create the recipient by entering in their details in the appropriate fields

  • Another option is to select Import from the +Add Recipient drop-down menu. This will allow you to easily select and import recipients from the last inspection of the same type

  • Select +Add Distribution Group to select a preconfigured group of recipients (must be set up in your system by a Company or Project admin first).



Additional Information

  • Focus for Next Inspection - Details/Observations to focus on for the next Inspection can be entered here

  • The Previous Inspection Focus can also be imported across and then edited here by selecting the blue Previous Inspection Focus icon and then Import. You can only import the focus across inspections of the same type


Completed Inspections

  • Completed Inspections will be displayed in that days Daily Report at the bottom of the page
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