The below information was true at the time of writing (31st July 2017), as we do not control either product discussed, we cannot be responsible for changes made to the product line that may impact the below.

Whether you utilise VIMEO or YouTube is completely an individual decision to manage the upload of your videos. 

VIMEO is a cleaner solution with an easier user interface to control the settings and automatically blocks advertisements, we recommend if you choose VIMEO to sign-up for the Plus version of the product ($9 per month billed annually)

YouTube is a free product that requires a Google account to upload a video. Whilst you still have similar abilities to VIMEO plus such as:

  • Hiding the playback controls
  • Disabling advertising and recommended videos
  • Embedding into HammerTech
  • Controlling Privacy Settings

The overall user experience is harder and customising the settings to your needs requires a little more technical expertise. As the YouTube account is free, whilst they offer the ability to disable advertisements today, this could change at any point in time.

Playback quality for both has been great, and we have had positive feedback from all clients. Depending on geographical location we have found that sometimes one or the other has seemed to provide a better user experience, so we recommend possibly trying out both on multiple devices at the location in which you will be utilising the product to see which works best for you.

For Vimeo instructions, see How to Upload Induction Videos - Vimeo.

Youtube Instructions:

  • You must have a google account to login to YouTube, if you do not have one please create one and then login to YouTube.
  • In the top right-hand corner select the character indicating your account and then ‘Creator Studio’

  • Once the channel screen has loaded, select ‘Channel’ from the left hand side menu as below

We recommend undertaking the following steps:

  • Upload Defaults
    • Privacy – Unlisted
    • Comments and Rating – Untick ‘Allow Comments’ and ‘Users can view ratings for this video’
    • Set default language
    • Video Statistics – Untick ‘Make video statistics on the watch page publicly visible’
    • Select Save
  • Advanced
    • Untick:
      • Allow advertisements to be displayed beside my videos
      • Disable interest-based ads
    • Select the following under ‘Channel Recommendations’:
      • Do not allow my channel to appear in other channels' recommendations
    • Select the following under ‘Subscriber counts’ :
      • Do not display the number of people subscribed to my channel
    • Select Save.
  • Once you are logged in select the ‘Upload’ button in the top right-hand corner as seen below:

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