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To assign an inspection to an Employer, so that all issues raised are automatically assigned to them:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > HSEQ INSPECTIONS > Start New Inspection
  • Select the Inspection Type from the dropdown menu 
  • Include an Inspection Description in the box below - this will make it easier for others to view and search for details of the inspection. 
  • Now select the Employer you wish to assign the inspection to
  • Once satisfied with the selection select the 'Create' button

Note: The Subcontractor you assign the inspection to will not have access to the active inspection itself, however the Primary Contact and Nominated Representative for that company will be automatically added as recipients. Once the inspection has been submitted they will receive the report (unless 'No Report' is selected) along with any issues that are raised.


Assigned HSEQ Inspections in Employers Profile

Once a HSEQ Inspection has been assigned to an employer, the inspection will appear in the Employers profile.

To find these HSEQ Inspections;

  • Go to Employers > Active > Choose the Employer.


  • Once in the Employers Profile, scroll down to the bottom to see a list of inspections that have been assigned to that employer, with details on Inspection date, time and creator of HSEQ Inspection.





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