Setting Up A Project

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Refer to this step-by-step guide to setting up a new Project within HammerTech, with links to the full articles for each step.

  1. Create the Project - Creating A New Project / Modifying An Existing
  2. Assign Users - Adding And Managing Users
  3. Assign Site Diary Users and Admin - Assign Site Diaries To Users and Assign The Site Diary Admin
  4. Set up the Sign In App for the site - Setting Up Your Sign In Device
  5. Add your company to the list of Employers - Importing An Existing Employer
  6. Setup the PPE required for the project - Configuring PPE Requirements
  7. Create project specific Induction Slides and Questions - Project Specific Induction Setup
  8. Upload project specific Documentation - Adding, Managing and Viewing Documents
  9. Upload the Site Diagram and advise of any Interactive Site Diagram requirements - Upload Site Diagram (including Interactive)
  10. Create Permit Zones - Creating / Configuring / Deleting Zones
  11. Create Booking Types and Zones - Configure Booking Types / Zones
  12. Set a Cut-Off time for Bookings - Setting a Booking Cut Off Time
  13. Setup the Location Hierarchies required for HSEQ Inspections - Setting Up Location Hiearchies
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