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Once an inspection has been started, it is possible to get a copy of the inspection exported to Zip file as well as straight to PDF in order to distribute or keep for your records. Inspections can be exported both as a draft or as completed, meaning you do not have to have submitted an inspection to be able to get a hard copy of it in PDF form. There are three different formats to select from:

  • Export to Zip file - this will export and compress your inspection report as well as any attachments that were included in the inspection into a zip file.
  • Export to Zip file (Includes Child Inspections) - same as above but will also include any data from inspections assigned within an inspection checklist.
  • PDF Summary of Issues - this report will show all the issues (open and closed) that were raised within the inspection as well as pictures that were uploaded, and a list of attendees.
  • PDF of Open Issues (No Pictures) - this will provide you with only the details of issues raised in the inspection that are still unresolved and will not show any pictures or checklists.
  • PDF of Open Issues Including Child Inspections (No Pictures) - will include details on any open issues within the main inspection as well as any inspections assigned within a checklist.
  • Detailed Inspection Report (No Pictures) - this is a more detailed report that shows you all the attendees, as well as checklists contained within the inspection and any issues that were raised (no pictures).
  • Detailed Inspection Report (With Pictures) - this is a detailed report like above but will include all pictures that are uploaded within the inspection. 
  • Detailed Inspection Report Including Child Inspections (No Pictures) - detailed report similar to above but will include any child inspections that were assigned within.
  • Detailed Inspection Report Including Child Inspections (With Pictures) - detailed report similar to above but will include any child inspections that were assigned within.


  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in).
  • Navigate to HSEQ INSPECTIONS > Active or Completed Inspections depending on what you require
  • Select the inspection you wish to export 
  • Select the blue cog in the top right corner and select one of the three options (shown in image above) and the report will download.

Note: There are also other options when it comes to viewing reports and data on HSEQ Inspections that can be viewed here - Reports > Overview

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