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When creating an Inspection within the HammerTech system, it is possible to send out and manage all Observations that are raised from directly within the inspection, without having to complete it first. From the list of Active and Completed Inspections you can easily view the amount of Observations Raised, Open Observations, Closed Observations as well as the Date Last Observation Resolved, against each inspection.

  • Once you have created an inspection in INSPECTIONS > Start New Inspection a draft copy will be saved and kept in > Active Inspections until it is completed
  • In order to send Observations raised during the inspection to responsible parties without actually completing the inspection, select the blue button at the bottom of the page > Send Interim Observations 
  • This gives you the option of waiting for all Observations to be addressed or resolved prior to continuing with the checklists and the rest of this inspection


  • Once the Observations have been sent out to the responsible party, their status will change from Draft to Open
  • Any positive Observations or Observations that are marked as being already resolved will be listed as Closed
  • Draft Observations can be edited within the inspection by selecting the blue cog > Edit

  • Select the cog next to any Closed Observations within the inspection to view its history
  • When viewing the history you have the option to Comment and Reopen Observation


  • Once all Observations or defects have been raised and the inspection is completed, choose the style of report you want sent out (Observation List, Open Observations with no pictures, Inspection details (No Pictures), Inspection details (With Pictures), or No Report) and select the green Complete Inspection button.
  • The inspection will now appear in Completed Inspections and any Observations can be viewed within the Observations section on the left hand side panel.

Note: Only the person who started the inspection is able to Send Interim Observation(s) and Complete Inspection


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