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When creating checklists in the HammerTech system, there are several question types that can be selected, allowing users to better replicate their current procedures within the system.This section will explain the different options that can be chosen when adding a checklist question within Administration > Checklist Types > Create.

  • Heading - adds headings into the form which can be used to group the checklist questions.
  • Text - adds text into the form.
  • YesNo - provides a 'Yes' and a 'No' tickbox for the user to check.
  • YesNoNa - provides a 'Yes' / 'No' / 'NA' tickbox for the user to check.
  • FileUpload - provides the user with the ability to upload a document.
  • Date - allows the user to enter in a date when completing the checklist. In dd/mm/yyyy format.
  • FreeText - user is able to write within this box in whatever format they like.
  • Image - allows you to upload a picture as a part of the custom field, that can be expanded and viewed by the user when completing the form.
  • Signature Only - allows the user completing the checklist to add their signature.
  • Signature With Name - allows the user to add their signature along with their name.
  • Inspection - allows the user to create an inspection within an inspection (of the type configured) and assign it to a company and user. 
  • Single Line Free Text - user is able to add a line of text (less than free text field)

  • For inspection checklists, if you select either Yes / No or Yes / No / NA as the question type, then you will be required to select from the following options regarding what issue types can be raised and when - either manually or automatically.

  • Below you can see an example of how the different question types will appear within a checklist:

Note: Once you have finished creating a checklist, you need to assign it to an inspection type. See HSEQ Inspection Setup > Adding an Inspection Type.

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