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As a company administrator within the HammerTech system, you are now able to manage and set up your own Sign In devices. (To see how to set up your Sign In device if using it for the first time, read Setting Up Your Sign In Device)

Note: by default the configuration of these options are not turned on. To turn on the functionality a request to is required from the primary contact of your company.

Follow the below instructions if you have the Sign In device functionality turned on and wish to set up a new device for a project.

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Project Settings > Signin Devices


  • Select the device from the list, if it has already been created in the system, otherwise press the + symbol in the top right corner and fill in the Name and Location details for the device you will be using (See Project > Setting Up Your Sign In Device)
  • Once selected, you will be shown the setup details for the device (see below example image)
  • You will need to copy these details into the HammerTech Signin app

Note: the key to reset / change the device configuration is 5678


  • On your device access the HammerTech Sign In Application, or if it hasn't been downloaded yet, access the Google Play Store and search for 'HammerTech' and download the 'HammerTech Signin Book'
  • Once you have opened the app you will be prompted to enter in the setup details, including Project Url, Company Url and ApiKey - copy these from your system on to the device and select 'Update Details'



  • The Sign In app will now be ready to use
  • To understand how it works, read Site Diary > Electronic Sign In Book
  • To view sign in activity for a site, access the day's site diary and in the top right corner select the blue cog > Sign In Book


If you need to change the Login details for the Sign In device please see: Change config details in the HammerTech Sign in app

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