Personnel > Creating A Self Service Login For The Nominated Representative (Foreman)

Note:  Prior to being able to configure a self service account for a Nominated Representative, they must be assigned to an Employer in the system and had their induction approved (See Personnel > Manually Creating Personnel or Induction > Commencing The Online Induction or Personnel > Assigning A Nominated Representative (Foreman) To An Employer)

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Employers > Active 
  • Select the Employer related to the Nominated Representative you wish to set up the self service login for
  • Once you are on the Employer profile page, select the plus sign next to the Nominated Representative heading. Note: If there is no plus sign showing, ensure there are workers inducted and approved in that company.

  • From the drop down select the worker you wish to assign as Nominated Representative. Note: Only workers who are inducted against that company and have been approved will appear in this list.
  • Select Add and their Worker Details should appear. It is important the worker has an email address entered in their profile so they can have an account set up. Select Add again to confirm.


  • The worker will be added as a user on the project and will be sent an email with an activation link where they can set up their password (if they do not already have a login set up).
  • Where the user has not set themselves up or did not receive the email notification, you can send them a reminder email by selecting the blue cog next to their details, and then 'Send Reminder'. The system will notify you that a remind has been sent.
  • Once the Nominated Representative has successfully configured themselves, they will appear as Active.

Note: Up to three Nominated Representatives can be assigned to an Employer.

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