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There are several ways to create a booking for a Permit Zone in the HammerTech system, they can be created manually by internal users from the secure section of the system, or via the subcontractor interface (self service) or via scanning the QR Code for the relevant permit zone.

Note: Multiple Permits can be made for the same zone ONLY IF the zone is not set as exclusive (PERMITS > Configure Zones).


To create a new permit

  1. Log into HammerTech
  2. Select your required project from the Company Overview drop-down in the top right hand corner
  3. Select Permits > Create New
  4. Select Permit Type
  5. Select Employer
  6. Select Associated Workers that are involved in the Permit
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If the Permit Type has the Sign in/out function enabled, you will NOT be able to add associated workers. This is because the workers will be linked to the permit when they actually sign in or out of it.

  7. Select which Applicable SWMS are associated with the Permit
  8. Select which Applicable Equipment is associated with the Permit
    (Use the hyperlinked text to view the details of the SWMSs and equipment in a popup)
  9. Select the Permit Zone (view the site diagrams if you are not sure which Permit Zone you are wanting to book)

Submitting The Permit

  1. Select the 'Start Time' and 'Finish Time' for the Permit
  2. Add any further notes (for any information that doesn't fit into one of the fields on the form that you want to log against the request)
  3. Select Save as draft OR
  4. Select Create to finalise the booking of your permit request.

Note: If you create the request as an internal user the permit is automatically approved, if you request for a permit booking as a subcontractor representative then the request will be sent to the Safety / Site Management users for review then approval / rejection.

When a permit is 1 minute from expiry, if it hasn't yet been closed out, it will send an email notification. (this may be subject to delays with respect to email delivery)


Note: The Subcontractor Details will show associated personnel, applicable SWMS and associated equipment.


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