SWMS > Creating SWMS And Capturing SDS Information


Creating SWMS

  1. Log into HammerTech
  2. Select your required project from the Company Overview drop-down in the top right hand corner
  3. Select SWMS > Create New.
  4. Select > Provided By and choose from the list of Personnel. 
    Note: The Personnel list will only show Inducted Personnel or the Primary Contact. Use ‘Other’ for non-Inducted non-Primary Contact Personnel and enter their details manually in ‘Provided By Worker Name’.
  5. Add 'Activity Name’ and ‘Description’ that align to the uploaded SWMS document.
    The 'Activity Name' is a mandatory field and must be entered before submitting the SWMS.
  6. Upload a scanned or PDF copy of the SWMS Select > Choose File. (10MB File Size Limit)
  7. Tick High Risk (if applicable) to flag the SWMS as High Risk


Capturing Chemical Hazard SDS Within The SWMS


  1. Select the blue '+' button to Add SDS'
  2. Choose whether you want to associate the SWMS with a New or Existing SDS.
  3. If you select Existing, you can search for the SDS in the drop down that appears below.
  4. If you choose to enter a New SDS, complete the required information, upload a scanned or PDF copy of the SDS, choose the appropriate Pictograms associated with the Chemical Hazard SDS and include any other required attachments.
  5. Any additional comments / notes can be added in Comments > Employer Notes.
  6. Add SDS
  7. Additional SDS can be added to the SWMS by selecting  ‘+' and repeating the above steps again



Finalising SWMS

  1. Select the Personnel who are assigned to this SWMS through the tick-boxes.
    Note: only Inducted Personnel will show in this section. Once additional Personnel are inducted they can be added to this SWMS – see SWMS > How do I assign personnel to my SWMS?
  2. Once complete Select > Submit.

Note: Your SWMS will need to be accepted by the Site Safety Manager before you can begin work.

TIP: All details and documentation from previously submitted SWMS is accessible through SWMS > View All. Access this information when submitting a similar / same SWMS for a fast and easy creation.

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