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Assigning Personnel To SWMS

  1. Log into HammerTech
  2. Navigate to the project from the Company Overview drop-down in the top right hand corner
  3. Select SWMS > View All to list all SWMS created by your company on the project. 
  4. Choose the SWMS you are wanting to associate personnel to and Select > the Options cog button on the top right hand side of the screen > Edit.
  5. Scroll down to Personnel assigned to this SWMS and select the appropriate individuals by using the tick boxes.
  6. Tick 'Send notification to all assigned personnel who have not accepted'
  7.  Save Changes.
  8. The system will take you back to the SWMS that you have assigned the personnel to.



To capture signatures on a SWMS

  1. Navigate to SWMS > View All and choose the appropriate SWMS
  2. Scroll down to Personnel who are assigned to this SWMS
  3. Select the required Sign box and use your touchscreen (or mouse) to sign the form
  4. The option to send individual reminders to Personnel who have not signed the SWMS is also available by selecting Send Reminder
  5. Repeat this process for each Personnel and/or SWMS.



Capturing Signature Remotely on a Tablet, Smart Phone or PC

After sending a reminder personnel will receive an email and/or an sms with a link to the SWMS that they can sign on a tablet, smartphone or using the mouse on a PC (See example below)


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