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As a subcontractor representative, you will need an account to be set up by your general contractor / site administrator. The builder may allocate issues to your company that needs to be rectified. You may receive an email notification of the outstanding issues, or by logging into HammerTech where you can view issues on your Today's Actions Dashboard. 

Today's Actions Dashboard

Once you are logged in, you will notice on your dashboard that there are a number of items that reflect actions relating to issues that you are responsible for:

    • Unresolved Critical Issues - This count reflects those items that have been deemed as priority = critical when raised and have yet to be rectified
    • Overdue Issues - This count reflects the number of issues, that have been assigned to you that are now past the due date originally set when raised.
    • Unresolved Issues (Total) - This count reflects the total numbers issues that are currently assigned to you.
    • Pending Review Items - This count reflects items that may have been raised by you, that require your final review before being closed out i.e. client defecting.



Rectify Issues

To action any of the items listed on the dashboard

  1. Select the numeric value and the system will navigate you to the relevant list, with the filter applied.
  2. Select the issue you wish to action
  3. Select the 'Resolved' button
  4. Upload a picture of the fix (either via camera or existing gallery)
  5. Add comments
  6. Select 'Submit.'  

This will forward your response, for review and approval / rejection.


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