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Thank you for your patience while we update our screenshots to the new look. The functionality remains the same, just the look has changed.

NOTE: If you need to complete an online Enrollment/Induction then you will need to visit the unique URL associated with the company you need to complete this for.

This is always in the format of <companyname>
(Do not put 'www.' before the URL, if you are struggling to find this link speak to the Main contractor for assistance)

The HammerTech Registration/Induction functionality, allows businesses to welcome new permanent or contracting personnel to their company or project site and prepare them for their new role.

As a worker, where you have been asked to complete a online registration or site induction, the process is straight forward and the article below aims at outlining, how you navigate each section.

Note: Only personnel who have been given access to confidential information will be able to view a worker's completed Medical Checklist.

Note: Subcontractor's can add, remove, and modify their worker's details if required

Please see below for a list of articles related to specific actions you wish to undertake:

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