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When Personnel already exist in the HammerTech system (eg. working on a different project, previously working for a different employer or have previously been deactivated within the system), they can be imported onto a new project easily rather than be created from scratch.

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > PERSONNEL > New Induction.
  • Under 'Import A Worker From The Company Database' select the relevant Region (if regions are in use) and then the Company the employee does/did work for. 
  • Alternatively, select **Employer Not on Project** (last option in the Employer drop down) if the worker has completed an induction previously for an employer on the system but not on the current project.
  • Once selected, a list of Personnel will appear under Worker. Note: this list will only show the personnel that are not currently assigned to this project. Select > Import and the users details will appear on the screen.

  • Modify the individuals details as you see fit - an updated email address, change of employer and any other details.
  • Once all the details have been modified, choose from the following options at the bottom of the form under '+Create Induction':
    • Create, then add another from the same employer - automatically approves the individual and does not send an Induction test.
    • Create, don't approve, send test to person - does not approve the individual and sends the Induction test. Note: the system will determine if the user needs a refresher or full induction and then send a copy of the induction to them. They will not be approved in the system until they complete the induction.



You can see which projects a worker is associated with by viewing the list of Associated Projects within their worker profile.

The worker's profile will display the name of the project, the different employers that worker previously worked under on the associated project and what their orientation status is in each project.



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