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Keeping a diary of site activity is important, yet it is easy to get overwhelmed and do it retrospectively, leading to inaccurate and incomplete file notes and records. Site Diary improves this process through automatic generation of daily entries (inductions, plant, daily observations) and electronic workflow for simpler recording of site numbers.

  • Automatic generation of Site Diary based upon the day’s activities
  • Weather details from Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) based on site location
  • Workflow to automatically request from each foreman the number of personnel on site, via SMS / email
  • Daily observations recorded from site foreman/s
  • Ability to create custom notes and store non-inducted site visitors
  • Option to record actual personnel on-site for that day through subcontractor interface
  • Details of completed Safety Walks for that day

Please see below for a list of articles related to specific actions you wish to undertake:

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