Induction > Approving or Rejecting an Induction

Personnel awaiting induction approval (First Registration or Already Registered) can be displayed on the Dashboard of a Main Contractor user - see Dashboard > Personnel Awaiting Induction Approval.Dashboard_Personnel_Awaiting_Induction_Approval.jpg

To Approve or Reject an Induction:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > PERSONNEL > Approve Pending >
  • Select the worker you wish to review
  • Ensure their details are filled in correctly
  • Check the worker's photo is correctly aligned. You can rotate a worker's photo by selecting one of the 3 rotate options below their photo
  • Select the SWMS you wish to assign to the worker from the list of approved SWMS. You will be given the option to either 'Just assign to SWMS', 'Assign and send notification (SMS/Email)', or 'Assign and capture signature now'

  • Have the worker sign to acknowledge they have completed and agree to the induction (If personnel were assigned to SMWS then select Assign and Capture Signature Now so that only one signature is required for both the Induction and SWMS). (See Company > Configure Induction Sign Off Text)
  • When getting the worker to sign off before approval, you can select to either:
  • Once all details have been confirmed then select either Approve Induction, Reject Induction, or Save Changes to make a decision at a later time.


  • If the induction was approved then the worker will be moved to PERSONNEL > Approved Inductions.
  • If the induction was rejected then the worker will be moved to  PERSONNEL > Rejected Inductions.
  • If the induction was saved then the worker will be moved to PERSONNEL > Approve Pending.
  • You can check the status of a worker, as well as who approved or rejected them and the date, within their individual profile:


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