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If a worker has already completed a Registration/Induction on another project for the same company then they are NOT required to conduct the whole Registration/Induction process again, they are only required to complete a Quick Induction.

To conduct a Quick Induction:

  • Navigate to the project's HammerTech page
  • Select the green Begin your Registration Now icon
  • Select the option 'Already Registered with HammerTech'
  • You will then be asked if you have ever completed a HammerTech™ Registration in the past for that company? If you have, you will be taken to the quick induction.
  • Select the Employer you will be working under for this particular project

Note: Even if you have been inducted by the same company previously, but under a different Employer, you will still be able to complete a Quick induction by selecting the Employer you are now working for on this project and entering your details.

A worker must be approved on at least one other Project in order to complete the quick induction. 

  • Select Quick Registration after filling in your details.

  • Verify your details and enter the Verification Code that will be sent in an SMS and select the Verify Registration icon
  • Complete the Medical Checklist and Additional Details
  • If any licences have expired you will be given the option to select either 'No Change', 'Update', or 'I no longer have it' (see below)
  • Select the blue Submit icon

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