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Issues can be reported on an Adhoc (as required) basis.

To report an Adhoc Issue:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu ISSUES > New Adhoc Issue
  • Select the Issue Type and tick positive or negative depending on the issue
  • Select the Responsible Party (If there are Functions set up in the system, you can select the relevant option from the first drop down, which will then filter the list of employers, (see Company > Configure and Assign Functions to Employers)

Note: Issues can be raised against a Subcontractor or an Internal User by selecting the required option from the drop down menu. Additional companies can be added where there is more than one responsible party, by selecting '+Add Additional Responsible Party'. 

  • Select the Issue Location (To set up locations see Project > Setting Up Location Hierarchies)
  • Select the Priority
  • Select if the issue is Already Resolved
  • Enter in the due date (This will automatically be entered based on the Priority but can be changed)
  • Select if the fix requires a photo
  • Enter in a Description of the issue
  • If Pre-Defined Templates have been set up you can select one from the drop-down box (See How Do I Set Up Predefined Defect Templates?)
  • Add any photos of the Issue and annotate them if required
  • Select the yellow Create icon


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