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To create an Incident report:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > INCIDENTS > Add New
  • Enter the Date of Incident
  • Select Create
  • Enter in the Incident details (If not all details are known at the time of making the initial report then the report can be edited and details added at a later time) (See Incidents > Managing/Editing Incident Reports)
  • Enter in any Injury details (If applicable). You can add more than one injury by selecting +Add Injury and these will be linked to the incident and also manageable under InjuriesNote: If more than one person was injured then you can create an injury report specifically for them (See Injury > Creating an Injury Report)

  • If you've already created an Injury in Hammertech and want to add existing injury to that section, click on +Add Injury. You can then click on the drop-down menu to choose either New or Existing injury.


  • Once Existing has been selected, a list of reported Injuries will appear that can be attached to the incident report. Tick the relevent Injury and press Save Injury.


  • Once all known details have been entered select whether you wish to save the form as a Draft or as an Active (Open) Incident. Note: You can still edit details within the form while it is in both Draft and Active (Open) status.
  • Now Save Changes

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