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The HammerTech Safety Plan functionality allows the Main Contractor to manage all Safety Management Plans online through review, approval and revision tracking whilst outlining safety risks and procedures prior to commencement of the Project.

It has the ability to:

  • For Main Contractors to create Safety Plans or for Subcontractors to submit via their self service portal
  • Force a review (Checklist) where configured, and accept or reject Safety Plans
  • Recorded list of all Safety Plans
  • Associate Safety Plans to multiple Employers

Note: It is recommended that when a Safety Plan review process is in place, the Review Checklist is setup before utilising the Safety Plan functionality

Note: Where your business currently has the field Safety Management Plan within your Employer Profile, this only allows the storage of one Safety Management Plan per employer, not per project.  We suggest you utilise the new functionality as per this article.  Please contact if you wish for your 'Welcome Email' to be updated, with instructions for your subcontractors on how to submit.

Please see below for a list of articles related to specific actions you wish to undertake:

Image - a screenshot taken from the create screen of the HammerTech system.


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