Dashboard > Today's Site Diary

The Dashboard option Today's Site Diary will display the columns of ItemToday, and Total, with the rows displaying:

  • Reported Workers on Site and Reported Visitors on Site - if you are using the HT Signin app, select these numbers to be taken straight to today's Signin Book. This number will tell you how many workers/visitors are currently signed in (and haven't signed out yet).
  • User Diary Entry Status - Your own User Diary. Select 'Not Completed' to be taken to the main Site Diary page to add your entry for today.
  • Site Diaries Completed Today - all Main Contractor User Diaries that have been completed.
  • Forecast - taken from BOM based on the weather settings selected in Administration > Project Management.
  • Injuries, Incidents, Equipment Inducted, Workers Inducted, Workers Deactivated - the total logged today as well as total amount in the project
  • Subcontractors with workers onsite today and Subcontractors with no workers onsite today - amount of Subcontractors that have either had workers sign in using the Signin App, or had hours entered against them manually in the Site Diary today.


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