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The Dashboard option Employers Starting in Future will display information regarding any Employers that are due to start in the future as well as what information has been submitted by them, making it easier to keep on top of the project.

  • The first three columns will tell you the date the Employer is expected to start, the name of the company and whether or not they have completed submitting all Insurances. If you select any of these from the dashboard you will be taken directly to the Employers' details page to view the info and any documents that have been provided.
  • The SWMS and Inductions column will tell you how many SWMS have been provided, and how many Personnel inducted. If you select the number, you will be taken to the relevant list of SWMS or Inducted Personnel. 
  • The Safety Plan column will tell you whether or not their safety plan has been submitted - if it states Yes, you can click this to view their submitted Plan/s.


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