OCT 2016 : Mandatory Licence Photos

You asked, we listened.

At HammerTech, we are always looking for ways to improve our system, to make the processes on site easier and quicker. And one of those processes is the Online Induction. 

As you will see in our monthly Release Notes, we are continually streamlining this process. However here is a ‘quick tips’ guide to highlight an item we feel would be very useful.

Mandatory Licence Photos

With the HammerTech Registration process, workers are able to capture all of their registration information prior to arriving on site. As information is entered straight into HammerTech, including photos (or image uploads) of Licences, Tickets and/or Certificates, less time is spent each morning completing lengthy inductions and registrations.

Now, HammerTech has the added functionality of making a photograph mandatory against your Licences, Tickets and/or Certificates.

By marking a photograph as mandatory, a worker will not be able to finish the registration until an image has been uploaded. As best practice, we do not recommend that every Licence is marked as mandatory, as this may reduce the number of completed registrations. However, marking key Licences as mandatory (such as the Construction Induction Card), will mean a further consistency in the information gathered and one less check for site management.

Saving even more time on site.

For details of how to make a Licence photograph mandatory, see our helpful guide - Creating And Managing Licences

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