OCT 2016 : Approval and Assignment to SWMS

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are an important part of a workers induction to site and it's specific requirements in relation to their role. Ensuring that SWMS contain the correct level of information and that workers have read and understood their SWMS is an important task.

Within the HammerTech SWMS module, we have been developing new methods for capturing a workers signature on a SWMS. This is to allow for workers that have already read and understood their SWMS, are yet to read and understand their SWMS and for modifications to existing SWMS.

Below we show you the different ways to capture their signatures during the Registration approval.

SWMS Approval at Registration

Once an Employer has submitted their SWMS, Site Management are able to review and approve (or reject) the SWMS prior to the workers starting on site. Once the worker arrives on site, you are then given three choices to show they have read and understood each SWMS.

Just Assign to SWMS - by selecting this option, the worker's name will be assigned to the SWMS allowing Site Management to capture their signature at a later time. This can be used when the Employers Nominated Representative will be showing the worker through their SWMS and capturing their signature at a later time.

Assign and send notification (SMS / Email) - by selecting this option, the worker will be sent a SMS and/or Email with each of the selected SWMS. This gives them the chance to review and understand the SWMS if they have not yet done so. They will then be required to view the SWMS and sign the approval box, from within their SMS / Email.

Assign and capture signature now - by selecting this option, the worker will only need to sign once (at the bottom of the page) to state they have provided the correct registration information and that they have read and understood the selected SWMS. Note: this option can also be used on an approved Induction, bringing up a new signature box to cover all of the selected SWMS only.

For more information on the SWMS Approval process, see our handy guides - SWMS > Assign Personnel And Capture Signatures or Inductions > Approving Or Rejecting An Induction


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