OCT 2016 : Site Diary Improvements

Over the past 4 months one of our main focus areas has been on adding features and improving the overall user experience of the 'Site Diary' component within HammerTech:

  • Improved the integration of our Android Sign-In application, to reduce data entry and assist in emergency evacuation lists.
  • Increased what was extracted from the BOM data-feed and what was stored within the 'Site Diary'.
  • Reduced the time and effort in entering in subcontractor worker number and hours
  • Added the ability to search 'Site Diary' entries for key words, to assist you in finding the information you want faster.
  • Added the ability for the system to automatically store information regards safety walks that had taken place into the 'Site Diary'.
  • +5 other changes.

We see the 'Site Diary' as the 'one source of truth' in regards to the activity that has occurred on-site. We keep this front of mind and always ensure that we are looking at ways to further improve the user experience, whilst at the same time aiming to improve the usefulness of diary in terms of features and information that can be stored.

This month we focused our energy on providing a solution which improves the way that updates and pictures are entered and stored by individuals, relating to specific subcontractors.  We have received numerous ideas from all of you over the past 12 months, with a common theme we took into account when designing the solution.  When designing the functionality, we also had ensure that some of you may not want to utilise it (even though we think its great!), therefore it had to be intuitive and easy to use for those that wanted to use it, but near enough hidden from view for those that did not wish to use it.  There are also some other smaller items that we have added around improving the overall user experience for example, grouping all diary entries by month.

Now onto the updates to the 'Site Diary' component that was released in October:

  • The ability for users with Individual 'Site Diary' access to manage a list of subcontractors that they are responsible for activity reporting.  
  • The ability for users with Individual 'Site Diary' access to add subcontractor progress (including photos and notes) to their Individual 'Site Diary' entry. Below is an example of where a user has added a subcontractor and provided an update, within their individual site diary.


  • The ability for all users with access to the 'Site Diary' to view all individual notes by subcontractor within the main 'Site Diary' view. Below is an example of how the individuals notes are now displayed on the main site diary overview for that day of the entry.  A new section stores the subcontractor specific notes below the generic update.

  • The ability for all notes to aggregate underneath the relevant subcontractor within the 'Site Diary'

  • Any subcontractor who’s progress has been added to an Individual 'Site Diary' will automatically be added to the following days diary (can be removed if not required)
  • Photos added in 'Site Diary' can be selected/clicked to view an enlarged version of the image

  • Grouping all site diary entries by month, only showing the current months daily diary's within the overview list.
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