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Within the HammerTech system you can now set up and manage your projects within regions, so that you can accurately represent your own company's structure and hierarchy. Utilising regions will also allow you to customise certain settings by region - currently you are able to customise the Welcome Email, and Worker and Employer forms by region. If this is something you would like implemented in your system, speak to your account manager or email:

To create and manage regions:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Administration > Region Management (only Administrators can access this menu item)
  • Here you will see any regions that have been created along with details on how many projects are assigned to each region. 
  • Select +New in the top right hand corner to create a new region, or if the region is already created, select it from the list to edit


  • Enter a Name for the region
  • Select a Parent region - if this will be the base in your hierarchy of regions, then select [BASE LEVEL]
  • Select whether you want the region to appear as a filter option on the public website 


  • Select whether you want the Region to show as a filter on the public company site, to help users and workers find projects when logging in or completing a HammerTech induction (see below).


To assign a project to a region:

  • Navigate using the left hand menu > Administration > Project Management, select the relevant project to view further details, and choose a region from the drop down.

  • Note: When looking at your list of Regions in Administration, you can see next to them in brackets how many projects have been assigned to each.
  • Once changes have been saved, the Project drop-down Menu will be sorted by the company's structure and hierarchy created in Region Management.
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