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As a Primary Contact or Nominated Representative for a subcontractor, it is now possible for you to manually complete the registration form on behalf of your workers, speeding up the induction process when they arrive on site.

Once a worker's details have been added under Personnel, they will be able to receive the Induction via email. Alternatively they can complete a Quick Induction once they arrive onsite, to verify their phone number and go through any induction content that has been set up for the company/project they are working for.

If a worker has already been added into the system for one project, they are able to be imported across to any new projects within the same Main Contractor's HammerTech system. Note: You cannot import workers or details between different Main Contractors.

To manually create your workers in the system:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Personnel > Create Worker
  • Complete the form with the individual worker's details on the page titled 'Personnel / Create', ensuring you complete all the mandatory fields, such as their Job TitleLicense Information, and the Medical Checklist.
  • The form presented mimics the online induction form that workers can complete themselves by going through the Begin Your Registration link on the main public page. (See Commencing The Online Registration/Induction)


  • Note: It is important for the Mobile and Email fields to be filled in correctly when creating personnel in the system, in order for the worker to receive verification codes (for quick induction once they get to site), and also so that they can get emailed a link to complete their online induction, if required. Also, any communications via bulletins or notifications by the system i.e. signing off on SWMS, or any safety notifications will not be able to be received by the individual if these have not been entered.
  • Complete any Additional Project Details that have been included in the form.
  • Depending on the Project as well as the Job Title selected for the worker, there may be Mandatory License details that will need to be completed.
  • When adding Licences where more than one type of Licence is on the same card then only one photo of the front & back of the Licence is required - select 'Add another on the same card' and the images uploaded for the first Licence will be copied for further Licences on the same card.


  • If you have entered an email address for the worker, at the bottom of the form before submitting you will get the option to send the worker a link to start the online induction.


  • Once you have completed the form, select +Create, or using the arrow - Create, then add another to start a new blank form straight away.


  • Once a worker has been successfully created, you have the ability to go back and Email the induction test to them (if you didn't do this originally) - see Email Test to Workers
  • You can also Import the workers between projects that you have access to - Importing Workers Between Projects
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