2018 - March Release Detailed Notes

  1. New Feature - [SMM-3510] - Main Contractor Admins now have the ability to 'draw' permit zones on Site Diagrams themselves, allowing them to easily update their zones and maps as the project progresses.
  2. Improvement - [SMM-2540] - SDS forms now include an issue date and an expiry date so that all submissions can be tracked (via the Dashboard).
  3. New Feature - [SMM-2057] - Both Main Contractors and Subcontractors now have the ability when creating or editing a permit request, to select multiple zones related to the type being requested, with Main Contractor users managing the requests.
  4. New Feature - [SMM-3191] - As a Main Contractor you can upload a safety plan in a similar way to SWMS where you get the choice to select 'Upload Only' so that the review can be completed at a later date or by another user.
  5. Improvement - [SMM-3472] - Employer users will now be able to select the SWMS menu item when in Company Overview and the screen will prompt them to select their project first, making it a lot clearer for subcontractors trying to log in and upload SWMS for a site.
  6. New Feature - [SMM-3477] - Spaces are now automatically removed from number fields, to improve usability.
  7. Improvement - [SMM-3471] - For Main Contractor users, Employer primary contact details are now hidden on the edit page to avoid confusion (contact is set up on the details page).
  8. Improvement - [SMM-3081] - As a Main Contractor, you have the ability to export your sign in tablet records to PDF in the case of emergency or evacuation where a list of everyone on site is required.
  9. Improvement - [SMM-2584] - The depreciated notes field from Site Diary List View has been replaced with a truncated summary of Number of Diary Entries for that day.
  10. Improvement - [SMM-3497] - When connectivity is lost or a session has expired the message that users receive is a lot more clear/specific so that they understand why this has occurred.
  11. New Feature - [SMM-2673] - Company Administrators have the ability when configuring HSEQ checklists questions (Yes/No/NA) to set a default observation type per answer i.e. positive / negative.   
  12. Improvement - [SMM-3496] - The Personnnel Inducted report now has an extra column that provides the URL for the profile picture (where available).
  13. Improvement - [SMM-3499] - In the Add Primary Contact Modal, it was displaying Australian English to American users - adjusted the word 'mobile' to 'cell' for the US.
  14. Bug - [SMM-3464] - The HSEQ User Statistics Report was showing recipients as attendees in some cases.
  15. Bug - [SMM-3447] - When sending an SMS bulletin and selecting 'All Nominated Representatives', the Recipients and Total SMS number will now reflect the amount of  nominated representatives set up that will be receiving the bulletin, to avoid any confusion.
  16. Bug - [SMM-3489] - When employers are editing an unapproved worker, the automatically provided text for reason for viewing confidential data has been removed (only intended for main contractor users).
  17. Bug - [SMM-3490] - The option to View Map under Permits and Bookings should now behave in the same way - showing any maps with zones configured regardless of them being interactive or not.

+16 Other Improvements & Small Bug-Fixes

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