2018 - April Release Detailed Notes

  1. Improvement - [SMM-3521] - Users are able to adjust their own notification preferences, without having to request it from a company admin. Also added an ability to change notification preferences for employer users
  2. New Feature - [SMM-3539] - When creating a new main contractor user account, instead of specifying a temporary password for the user, the system will now send an activation link similar to employer users.
  3. Improvement - [SMM-3173] - Meetings has been simplified - there are now two types of meetings that can be created: Employer led or Main Contractor Led and users are able to more easily manage and view the status of any meetings created in the system.
  4. New Feature - [SMM-2797] - Main Contractor Admins have the ability now to create categories so that they can assign Equipment Types to them for future use, i.e. filtering lists etc.
  5. Improvement - [SMM-3430] - When exporting a Personnel profile to pdf, you will now see the 'Approved By' details.
  6. Improvement - [SMM-3456] - reordered menu to move meetings above injuries
  7. New Feature - [SMM-2800] - A list of inducted equipment can now be exported to pdf or spreadsheet, based on how the list has been filtered. 
  8. New Feature - [SMM-2798] - When undertaking a new equipment induction, where equipment categories are set up, users have the ability to filter the list by selecting the relevant equipment category first. Works for drop down list as well as pictures.
  9. Improvement - [SMM-3518] - Main contractors are now able to adjust employer user notification preferences within Project Settings > Users, so that users other than company admins can update this.
  10. Improvement - [SMM-3511] - As a Main Contractor viewing an employer profile, you can now see the exact project names that they are currently assigned to, instead of just a number. 
  11. Bug - [SMM-3552] - Created a workaround for an issue introduced by Apple in the iOS 11.3 update where you encountered an error when creating an inspection issue (occurred whenever a file/photo input was left empty).
  12. Bug - [SMM-3336] - Daily reports that are exported will now include the weather report as displayed on the screen.
  13. Bug - [SMM-3545] - When adding a new employer, if the Employers name includes the '&' symbol (ampersand), the system was not showing similar/duplicate employer names that already exist in the system.
  14. Bug - [SMM-3530] - In the Employer Status Report, the number in the SWMS Pending column was reflecting the number of versions of pending review SWMS.
  15. Bug - [SMM-3483] - Updated layout of the Welcome Email Attachments section to improve usability.
  16. Bug - [SMM-3503] - Project Primary Contacts were not able to update company overview company details for a period. Fixed error message when non company primary contact attempts to save edits to company profile (ie project admin/nom rep)
  17. Bug - [SMM-3530] - In the Employer Status Report, the number in the SWMS Pending column is reflecting the number of versions of pending review SWMS. Fixed swms pending including ishistoric
  18. Bug - [SMM-3459] - For primary contacts, the list of their workers under Personnel > All Workers is now in alphabetical order.
  19. Bug - [SMM-3514] - Fixed hiding swms when they are not assigned to workers that were still pending approval. SWMS that are marked 'Not in use' should not show up on the induction approval page for workers under Associated SWMS. Removed SWMS that are marked as 'Not in use' from workers, permits and equipments while creating. Showing 'No longer in use' if they are already assigned.
  20. Bug - [SMM-3515] - When creating or editing an issue, the issue types are now sorted into alphabetical order.
  21. Bug - [SMM-3520] - Fixed an issue with primary contact accounts, where on their first login they were not getting a valid auth cookie and therefore not able to select a project until they logout and back in again.
  22. Bug - [SMM-3476] - deleted invalid links under the Administration menu item.
  23. Bug - [SMM-3512] - updated license details to be readonly when on the details page since to 'Add licence', users need to select Edit first for it to save.
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