User Types Explained

When adding a new user into the system under Administration > User Management, there are six different User Types to select from:

  • Admin: This user has company level administrator rights. They have access to all projects and project menu items in the system, such as forms and fields, and have the option to view confidential information. They have the ability to modify or adjust both project and company settings, for example inductions, permits, inspections, equipment, registration forms, SWMS review checklists, etc.
  • Standard User: This user has no administrator rights. They will only have access to the projects in which they have been assigned to. They have the ability to access all project menu items and the option to view confidential information however, cannot access or modify any project settings and by default will be unable to access the Administration and Project Settings menu items. They will not automatically have access to confidential information or their own site diary entry, however other admin users in the system are able to adjust this as required. (See Project > Managing Users)
    • Regional Admin: This user has the same rights as a Standard User, with the added administrative rights of creating new users and creating new projects - within the region/s they have been assigned to.
    • Project Admin: This user has the same rights as a Standard User, with additional 'project' administration rights so they can administer the project they are assigned to. Including configuring Permit Zones, setting up the Location Heirarchy, uploading Documents etc.
  • Document Access Only: Limited to viewing documents uploaded in the Document Sections of the HammerTech site only
  • External Representative (Read Only): Will have read only access to certain areas of the system (Personnel, Employer, Safety Register, Permits, Plant Inductions, and SWMS/SDS) and will not have create/edit rights to any areas of the system/project. They can only access the projects in which they have been assigned to. By default they cannot see confidential information on any project
  • Employer Representative: (See Personnel > Creating A Self-Service Login For The Nominated Representative (Foreman))
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    Connor Clarke

    Details on Regional Admin are vague at best. So for clarity...

    Firstly, must add a region for this to be valid!

    THEN, set User to Standard User -> checkbox "Region Admin" appears -> select Region(s) that you want this User to have Admin access.

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    Connor Clarke

    Details on Project Admin are incorrect in this article. So for clarity...

    Access is granted in projects, and NOT in User Management.

    Select Project -> Project Settings -> Users -> click on user to alter
    THEN change role and permissions on per project, per user basis.

    ...and that is why regions are handy, for avoiding this additional admin.

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