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There are two options when it comes to adding attendees to a meeting - you can select 'Individual Worker Signatures' where each individual attendee will need to sign, or you can choose to 'Upload Photo Evidence of Attendance/Signatures' by attaching an image or file. You have the option to add attendees to a meeting both before and after the meeting has been completed. 

Note: If you select the 'Edit' option to add attendees you must Save and return to the meeting to add signatures against them (without navigating to the edit page). The signatures will save as you go to avoid losing any data.

To add individual attendees:

  • Select the blue 'Add Attendee' icon
  • Select the Employer of the attendee from the first drop-down menu
  • Add any Personnel from the second drop-down menu (this will be populated after selecting an option from the first drop-down menu) or press select all. You can continue selecting different Employers and Personnel until you have added all attendees.
  • If the attendee has not been inducted then enter their name in the 'Other' text box
  • Once all attendees have been entered, have them sign against their name by selecting the white 'Sign' icon next to their name and signing. Each worker should show up below their assigned Employer in the project, to make it easier to locate them when signing off.
  • Note: If the meeting has already been created, after adding attendees you must save and return to the meeting to add any signatures on the details page.
  • You can delete an attendee by selecting the red X next to their entry, or select to delete all unsigned attendees by using the blue cog in the top right corner.


To upload photo evidence:

  • Select the blue +Add Photo Evidence button 
  • Press Choose File and either use your devices camera to take a photo or navigate through your documents to find the relevant file
  • You can add multiple files by selecting +Add Photo Evidence again
  • The file or image that is attached can also be clicked on to view an expanded version

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