2018 - May Release Detailed Notes

  1. New Feature - [SMM-2942] - Main Contractors can now configure multiple Nominated Representatives for an employer on the project, to allow for a back up or secondary foreman from the company to have access to manage their workers and documentation.
  2. New Feature - [SMM-3621] - Changes to the Induction UI to improve layout and usability.
  3. Improvement - [SMM-3031] - Change of behaviour where Issues are now only considered overdue and will appear on the Outstanding Issues dashboard the day after the due date, rather than the day of.
  4. Improvement - [SMM-2846] - To make it easier to manage permit requests, Main Contractor users can now select the Dashboard option called Permits Summary to view a summary of permits awaiting approval, scheduled, active, in progress, completed, or overdue.
  5. Improvement - [SMM-3615] - Company level reports for hours worked, will now only include data for the projects that are selected.
  6. New Feature - [SMM-2812] - As a Main Contractor you have the ability to send bulletins to 'users' of the system when they are in the role of Standard User or Admin user, to alert them to significant changes or safety issues.
  7. New Feature - [SMM-3244] - The Incident list can now be exported to excel.
  8. Improvement - [SMM-3585] - Inspection Categories are now shown in the Inspection List, allowing users to also filter the Inspections by Category.
  9. New Feature - [SMM-3604] - Users have the ability to filter all Active and Completed inspections by those that they created or were an attendee on.
  10. New Feature - [SMM-3315] - As a Company Administrator, when creating / modifying an issue type in the system, there is a new option to hide it from the adhoc issue dropdown list (issues raised outside of inspections).
  11. Improvement - [SMM-3586] - When creating/editing a user, if there are no functions configured prior, the text to assign a user to a function is hidden to avoid confusion.
  12. Improvement - [SMM-3519] - The nature of SWMS-SDS relationship has been updated to allow users to assign already existing SDS to SWMS rather than creating and submitting a new data sheet for each SWMS.
  13. New Feature - [SMM-3337] - New ability to add documentation that relates to an SDS i.e. risk matrix, and also a comment box to specify what the documentation is.
  14. New Feature - [SMM-2814] - Main Contractor Admins have a new ability to group their Inspection Types logically by assigning them to Inspection Categories. 
  15. New Feature - [SMM-3553] - Within the Injury form there are fields such as 'Nature of Injury' or 'Bodily Location' where you are now able to multiselect as many options that apply.
  16. Improvement - [SMM-3569] - In the review screen of issues we now show clearly who the issue was Identified By.
  17. Bug - [SMM-3570] - With two stage SWMS enabled, the Rejected SWMS filter will now show SWMS rejected in the initial review as well as final review.
  18. Bug - [SMM-3194] - Project level admins will no longer see the Project Induction Settings, since this is not something they have access to create or edit.
  19. Bug - [SMM-3588] - The 'Reason' field for Modified Hours will now show up in the Site Diary Pdf export.
  20. Bug - [SMM-2957] - the 'Personnel Inducted' report was in some cases showing the incorrect data in the Induction Sticker Number field.
  21. Bug - [SMM-3567] - The statistics report will no longer include draft issues in the total issues resolved count.
  22. Bug - [SMM-3568] - Previously, when 2 stage SWMS was enabled the initial review details (who it was approved by and the date) were hidden on the details page.
  23. Bug - [SMM-3486] - Deleted Incidents were not getting filtered within part of the Site Diary and Dashboard.

+7 Other Improvements & Small Bug-Fixes

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