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Users are now able to have more than one employer or role associated with a single email address/account. This allows them to use the same email to login to access the system under multiple user types, and across multiple employers. A single email could now be the primary contact for 5 different sub contractors, as well as have a standard user main contractor account.

If a user is assigned to more than one role in the system, upon logging in they will need to select the appropriate account. See below - The user has been set up as the Nominated Rep for 'Demo Company' and also has a Standard User account with the Main Contractor.

Assigning an Employer User to multiple companies:

  • This will work much the same as before where you will need to access each Employer's profile to add a Primary Contact or Nominated Rep. However you will not need to worry about receiving the error - 'A User with this email already exists'. Instead, if the email address is already in use elsewhere the role will simply be added to the account for them to select when they next log in.

Assigning a Main Contractor user to an Employer:

  • Similar to above, if you wish to give a Main Contractor user access as an Employer Representative, simply use their same company email address to add them as a Primary Contact or Nominated Representative within the Employer's profile.

Note: Setting up Nominated Representative accounts still requires an approved worker induction.

Adding a Main Contractor role to an Employer user:

If you have a user assigned to an employer as either a Primary Contact or Nominated Representative you are able to add a role to their account, allowing them access to the system as a main contractor user as well.

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Administration > User Management 
  • Use the filter in the top right corner to select Subcontractor: All and select the relevant Subcontractor account you want to add a role to.


  • Next to the Roles heading, select +Add Role 
  • In the popup that appears, enter a Title for the user's new role and select the User Type from the drop down. Select +Add Role again once complete.


  • Once the role has been added it will appear below the Nominated Representative role and be active immediately - next time the user logs in they will be required to select the appropriate account.

Note: a user can be assigned accounts with multiple employers however can only be assigned one Main Contractor role. Use the blue cog next to each role to edit or remove.

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