August 14th 2018 - Product Update

Improvement - [SMM-3667] - Project Admins can now adjust project induction content and settings.
Improvement - [SMM-3718] - Improved the performance of loading the import worker list.
Bug Fix - [SMM-3726] - In some cases positive issues raised in inspections were appearing as open issues after being submitted.
Bug Fix - [SMM-3503] - Resolved an issue with some subcontractors being unable to edit their details from company overview.
Bug Fix - [SMM-3724] - Fixed an encoding issue with meeting attendees that was preventing some workers from being added as attendees under specific circumstances.
Bug Fix - [SMM-3722] - Issue when switching projects while completing a site diary entry.
Bug Fix - [SMM-3720] - On certain screen sizes, when main contractors or subcontractors created workers, the licence expiry and issue year dropdown didn't appear correctly.
Bug Fix - The link in the dropdown under an employer for View Outstanding Issues didn't filter correctly.

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