October 3rd 2018 - Product Update

  1. New Feature - [SMM-3422] - Admins can now configure issue types for Incidents, so that they have the ability to raise, track, and manage issues within Incident forms.
  2. New Feature - [SMM-3156] - Admins can now configure issue types for Meetings, so that they have the ability to raise, track, and manage issues within Meetings.
  3. New Feature - SMM-1651] - Main contractor users have the ability to review a non-approved inducted workers profile and indicate whether or not it passed review. This Pre-Approval Status is then indicated in the personnel list with space to indicate what additional information is required within the worker's profile.
  4. New Feature - [SMM-3747] - The employer list can now be exported to excel, both from a company overview and project perspective.
  5. New Feature - [SMM-3691] - Users can now configure an inspection type within a checklist so that child inspections can be created and assigned to other employers and users.
  6. Improvement - [SMM-3789] - Continuous scroll for inspections list to reduce loading time.
  7. Improvement - [SMM-3654] - Attendee list in inspections is now alphabetical.
  8. Improvement - [SMM-3793] - It is now possible to delete 'inactive' user accounts (user roles) to ensure certain subcontractor users no longer show up in suggested lists.
  9. Bug - [SMM-3732] - The Incident reference number was not showing up on the details page of some incidents.
  10. Bug - [SMM-3669] - Employer users could select an Edit option on their rejected permits when the action is not available.
  11. Bug - [SMM-3676] - Fixed issue with Employer users selecting to Cancel or Delete a Draft Permit.
  12. Bug - [SMM-3751] - Some custom file/image upload fields were not getting carried across to all the employer meetings, when created by a main contractor user.
  13. Bug - [SMM-3750] - In some cases the system was asking for the required fix photo when it had already been provided by the subcontractor. 
  14. Bug - [SMM-3638] - 'Select All' function wasn't working correctly under personnel profile when selecting SWMS.
  15. Bug - [SMM-3614] - Employer led meetings that were created with attendees were getting added as an attendee to each employer meeting.
  16. Bug - [SMM-3708] - Account Activation reminder will now be displayed from the employer details page again for Primary Contacts or Nominated Reps that are pending account activation.
  17. Bug - [SMM-3665] - Nominated Reps using the Upcoming Services Dashboard option were getting an error message when they selected some items due to incorrect link.
  18. Bug - [SMM-3610] - Issue with scrolling horizontally in inspections list.
  19. Bug - [SMM-3736] - Fixed an encoding issue with special characters in a recipient or attendee name.
  20. Bug - [SMM-3776] - In some cases with two stage SWMS review enabled, SWMS rejected in initial review were showing up in the dashboard still as awaiting review.
  21. Bug - [SMM-3788] - Fixed issue with Issues list reloading without the selected filter after you used an action button, e.g send reminder.
  22. Bug - [SMM-3647] - The list when selecting a default issue type for a checklist question, is now alphabetically sorted.
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