Inspections > Task Observations against SWMS and/or Personnel

It is possible to undertake an Inspection against specific SWMS and Personnel in the system, allowing you to keep track and record ongoing observations on site.

There must first be Inspections configured in the system that are associated with SWMS and Personnel - to see how to do this, read Setting Up Inspections Associated with Personnel and/or SWMS

To create an Inspection against swms or personnel:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > INSPECTIONS > Start New Inspection
  • Select the relevant Inspection type from the dropdown, and enter a description if necessary
  • Ensure you select the correct Employer prior to hitting the Create button as the SWMS and Personnel you can select, will be dependent on this
  • Select +Create and you will be taken to another screen to select any Associated Workers and Applicable SWMS
  • Check off the SWMS and/or workers you want to associate the Inspection with (you can select from either list - a combination of both and as many as required)
  • Select +Create again once the items are selected to begin the Inspection


  • Within the Employer Details section, you will see the associated Items
  • To see the SWMS details, select the hyperlinked text (for example Boom Lift Operation below) 


  • Any Inspections that are completed against a SWMS or Personnel, will appear on the profile for that item as below:


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