How do I Convert a Report from Excel to PDF Without Losing Data or Shrinking the Table?

Converting Excel reports to PDF files can sometimes cause issues with the size of the report tables and/or loss of data. The following can be a way of preventing this.


To convert an excel report to pdf:


  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left-hand menu and select > Reports > then select whichever report you would like to download. (In this instance we will select Hours Worked.


  • Select a start date and end date for the data you wish to obtain. Then select if you want a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Total only report of the hours worked.
  • Then select "Download Report".


  • The report will now download and will appear down the bottom left hand of your desktop (if you are using chrome.


  • Select the report. Once done this will open the report in Excel. Note: You may have to enable "Editing" if opened in "Protective View".
  • Now highlight the information from the table you want to save to a PDF.


  • Then in the top left, select > File > Print. 



  • Change the printer to "Microsoft Print to PDF".


  • Next, under settings, change from "Print Active Sheets" to "Print Selection".


  • Now click print. It will ask you to save the PDF file in your desired location. 


Note: If "Microsoft Print to PDF" is not an option. Please follow the below link to enable this.

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