June 2019 - Product Update

  1. New Feature - [SMM-4019] - Employer users can now access the equipment inspection page to print the QR code.
  2. Improvement - [SMM-4067] - Details single line field not expandable, cutting off text, for medical checklist, review checklist etc. review checklists / med checklist / induction checklists / permit start stop / custom sections
  3. New Feature - [SMM-4055] - Additional license categories added - Verification of Competencies, Skills Training, Safety Training.
  4. Improvement - [SMM-4104] - When employer users are assigned to an inspection, they will receive an alert in the notification panel.
  5. Improvement - [SMM-4037] - When a worker completes a quick registration, or a main contractor or employer user imports a worker any mandatory licences linked to that project will show up.
  6. Improvement - [SMM-4076] - When assigning SWMS to workers on their edit page, any SWMS that have not yet been accepted will show a status of pending review next to them. 
  7. Improvement - [SMM-3870] - Added ability to merge workers who are not yet assigned to an Employer.
  8. Improvement - [SMM-3972] - Text changed to 'Complete Inspection' instead of submit to match the button.
  9. Improvement - [SMM-4121] - If a company has been deactivated from a project, and has no SWMS associated with them, they will no longer show in the filter.
  10. Improvement - [SMM-4113] - Equipment Servicing details will now appear in a separate panel on the induction form, and Next Service Date will be automatically calculated when serviced by hours is selected.
  11. Improvement - [SMM-4093] - Improved performance of user list when there are a large number of users, on a large number of projects.
  12. Improvement - [SMM-3857] - Employers deactivated at a company level won't show any options to reactivate within a project, and removed ability to add/edit primary contacts/nominated reps.
  13. Improvement - [SMM-4095] - Site Diary Dashboard items for 'Subcontractors who have reported worker hours' changed to 'Subcontractors with workers onsite today' when you have individual worker hours enabled.
  14. Improvement - [SMM-4075] - Inspection descriptions now displaying in popups and completed inspections.
  15. Improvement - [SMM-3785] - Updated SWMS SMS reminder message to ' awaiting your review'.
  16. Bug Fix - [SMM-4073] - Fixed issue with merging workers who were previously assigned to another employer.
  17. Bug Fix - [SMM-4072] - Fixed details view of custom fields on incident form (image/file download)
  18. Bug Fix - [SMM-3941] - Induction photos taken with webcam now saving correctly.
  19. Bug Fix - [SMM-4106] - In some cases a worker's job title wasn't displaying when adding them as attendees to inspections.
  20. Bug Fix - [SMM-4085] - Fixed issue with editing injury to assign another worker.
  21. Bug Fix - [SMM-4071] - Removed an old feature from incident forms where selecting to report to relevant authority was showing or hiding some system fields if they were included in the form.
  22. Bug Fix - [SMM-3994] - Changed 'Uploading Slideshow' to 'Uploading Attachments' for the Welcome Email.
  23. Bug Fix - [SMM-4043] - Fixed typo on deleting/deactivating personnel profile.
  24. Bug Fix - [SMM-4042] - Notifications box now responding within inspections list.
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