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This article explains how to configure Equipment forms post centralisation, where you have the ability to set up both project and company fields. 

  • Note: In order to create Equipment and the Equipment Induction Form, we first need to set up the Licences. If not already completed, see Administration > Creating and Managing Licences
  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Administration > Equipment Types
  • Once on the 'Equipment Types' page > Select the '+Add New' button in the top right hand corner of the screen
  • Enter in the 'Name' field the equipment type name / description i.e. 'Forklift'
  • Select the appropriate Equipment Category from the drop down list (if this is set up in your system)
  • The Can Import to other project(s)? checklist should be unticked in cases where you do not want the type of equipment to be moved between projects, for example scaffolding or temporary equipment. This will stop it from appearing in the import dropdown list.
  • The next step is to create the 'checklist' that is associated with the Equipment Type, which will be used by the individual that is inducting the equipment onto the site / premises. The HammerTech system will require users to mark each item as ‘Yes’, 'No', or ‘N/A’ when inducting the equipment, with additional notes required for any items marked as ‘No’. List out the checks required ensuring the items are one per line. The Checklist Items box can be expanded by dragging the box from the bottom right hand corner.
  • Note: Entering a # at the beginning of a line will make it text only with no 'Applicable' or 'Not Applicable' option, and can be used to include headings or section breaks.

  • When adding custom fields, you have the option of adding them as Company level fields, or Project level fields.
  • For Project level Custom Fields, these are fields that will need new data entered in per project, e.g sign off fields or project specific documentation. These will appear in the Project Specific Equipment Details section below the Company wide details on the induction forms (see image below).

    Company Custom Fields would be fields you want carried across to whatever project they are being imported into without needing the same data to be reentered. For example, service dates, or log books/some non-project specific documentation associated with the plant. These will appear in the Equipment Details section at the top of the form below the standard System fields (see below).

    Certain system fields will automatically be company wide: Hire Company, Make & Model, Registration / Plant number, Serial Number, and Servicing Dates.


  • To add a custom field:
    • Select the Add Field button to create a new field
    • Enter in a description of the field in the Field Name text box
    • Select from the drop-down menu, the method you wish the user to respond
    • Then decide whether or not the field is compulsory, where unless completed by the user, they will be unable to submit the form
    • See Main Contractor FAQs - Custom Fields Explained for further details on Custom Fields.


  • Continue to add in custom fields until you satisfy your businesses requirements for plant induction forms
  • By selecting each of the Licences that are required in order to operate this Equipment, this will be putting a check in place on the Equipment Induction form to ensure only valid individuals are able to be assigned to the Equipment.
  • A picture of the equipment can be uploaded by Select Image. Note: Multiple images can be uploaded.
  • Once completed, select +Create and the Equipment will now appear in the list of Equipment Types in alphabetical order.
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