July 2019 - Product Update 2

New Feature - [SMM-4002] - Users completing an inspection can select to add a distribution group as recipients, to avoid needing to add them each individually.

New Feature - [SMM-3991] - As the creator of an inspection, or if a user is a Company/Project Admin, they will now be able to assign an inspection to another user from the same company, so that inspections can be taken over and completed when users are away, or have left the organisation.

New Feature - [SMM-3942] - System now displays a worker's test status on their profile when they are still awaiting approval, to make it more clear when reviewing worker inductions.

New Feature - [SMM-4069] - Company admins can now easily see the projects where individual documents are located when they are deleting folders, since folders cannot be deleted until all documents are removed.

Improvement - [SMM-3993] - Green success notification message added to some pages in the system.

Improvement - [SMM-4082] - Text has been updated after completing Quick Induction to reflect whether or not a copy of the worker identification number copy is sent out to the worker via sms or email.

Improvement - [SMM-4191] - For meetings, if 'agenda' is included in the form, it will now be optional, as often people use custom fields to capture data and don't want to complete the agenda.

Improvement - [SMM-4039] - If no Inspections are associated to an Equipment type, the inducted Equipment won't show up within Equipment Inspections.

Improvement - [SMM-4151] - SWMS that are still Pending Review will not show the option to start an inspection against them, as they need to be approved first.

Improvement - [SMM-4180] - Add support for Canada as a Country, so that we can process Cell Numbers and other transactions for this region better.

Bug Fix - [SMM-3978] - Fixed issue with button on some iOS devices when trying to create a worker, and send the test.

Bug Fix - [SMM-4125] - When creating a Permit, the Select All option for SWMS is now working.

Bug Fix - [SMM-4033] - Now displaying colours for the Legend in booking zone calendar.

Bug Fix - [SMM-3996] - Signature fields working correctly in the 'Mark Issue As Resolved' pop up.

Bug Fix - [SMM-4138] - Fixed worker hours calculation in reports, in cases where there are 24 hour sites.

Bug Fix - [SMM-3890] - When you configure a "sign" checklist item as non-mandatory, it shows as checklist completed when its the only item, or only item left within a checklist.

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