August 2019 - Product Update 2

New Feature - [SMM-4009] - Added option for Main Contractors to configure a third checklist for Permit Types so that Permits can be closed out after work has stopped.

New Feature - [SMM-4007] - Searchable company wide identifiers are now automatically assigned to certain items when they are created in the system, including Incidents, Injuries, Issues, Inspections, Permits, Bookings, Meetings, and Bulletins. 

New Feature - [SMM-4282] - New option to remove all unsigned attendees from Meetings to help with handling a large number of worker signatures.

New Feature - [SMM-4270] - Added Image Upload option when configuring Inspection checklists.

Improvement - [SMM-4264] - Updated scroll position when adding/deleting/signing attendees, to stop the page returning to the top and improve user experience.

Improvement - [SMM-4228] - Changed behaviour of the search bar used in some parts of the system so it is no longer case sensitive.

Improvement - Improved system performance when editing or reviewing a worker, for clients with large amounts of data.

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