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A worker’s induction history will show you the date and time they have completed specific sections of the induction, as well as the content a worker has viewed, including slides, videos, checklists, and test questions for the relevant Company, Region, and Project you are viewing their profile in.

Reviewing a Worker's Induction History:

  1. Login and go to Personnel > All Personnel. (Or use the search bar to find a worker's profile.) 
  2. Select the relevant profile and scroll to the Worker Induction History section at the bottom of the page.
  3. Expand the Induction headings for the Company, Region, and/or Project Inductions to view the details and status of each section
  • The table will display the induction sections that have been assigned to the worker and the status of each. You will see the Section Name, the Test Attempt Number (1 if they passed on their first attempt), the Status (Completed, Incomplete, Failed, Completed (Expired), or Not Applicable), the Date the Induction was completed, and who completed it (Updated By).
  • Note: If the worker completed the induction themselves the Updated By column will display their name as per their profile, however if a main contractor has manually marked the induction complete without the worker going through it within HammerTech, the Updated By column will list the user's name.
  • Select the View button underneath the Details column to view any Slides, Videos, Questions, and Checklists that were shown to the worker, as well as their responses.


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