Induction > Reviewing a Worker's Induction

Review a worker’s induction to complete the induction process.

Key points


To review a worker’s induction:

  1. Login and go to Personnel > All Personnel. (Or use the search bar to find their profile.)

  2. At the top of the worker's profile, in the Project Specific Details panel, you will see the overall Test Status of the worker - Test Passed/Failed or Test Complete/Incomplete.

  3. Scroll down until you have passed the worker's licenses and associated SWMS.

  4. Click to expand the headings under the Induction Details panel to look at the status of specific Company, Region, or Project Inductions (relevant to the current project you are in).


Each section of the induction will show a status next to it - Complete, Incomplete, Failed, or Not Applicable.

Once all individual sections within the particular induction are marked as Complete (or NA), the status of the overall Induction will also change to Complete.






In the screenshot above, the worker has Completed all sections of the Company Induction. In the Questions column you can see they answered 2/2 questions correctly in the first Company Details section. The second section listed has NA under the Questions column, meaning there are no questions configured in the section. The last section for Truck Drivers has been marked Not Applicable based on the worker’s job title, making their overall Company Induction complete.

A worker should have completed these sections themselves by going through the public induction or via a link they've been sent, however as a main contractor user it is possible to manually change the sections from Incomplete to Complete, if for example they have completed it outside of HammerTech.


✅ To mark all sections of an induction Complete:

  1. Use the blue Actions button (cog) to the right of the Induction Section(s) heading (see screenshot below).
  • Once an induction section is marked as Complete (and changes saved), it cannot be reversed unless the induction is invalidated. Go to Induction > Invalidating a Worker's Induction to see how to invalidate either a worker's induction.

  • You cannot mark sections as Complete if previous sections within that particular induction have not been completed.
    Sections must be completed sequentially. For example, section four in the company induction cannot be completed before section one.



Induction Status definitions are shown below:

  • Complete: the worker has gone through all content within the section including checklists and test questions.
  • Incomplete: the section content has not been viewed by the worker, or the induction has been made invalid after completion (can check induction history to verify this). Blue cog in top right corner will allow you to email or reset the test which will send a link via email.
  • Failed: Worker has attempted the induction but failed answering enough test questions correctly. Navigate to their Worker Induction history to see the questions and answers submitted by the worker.
  • Not Applicable: induction content doesn't apply to the worker due to their Employer and/or Job Title. Check Induction settings to see which Employers and/or Job Titles have been included or excluded from an induction section. If a worker was inducted prior to content being added, the sections will also show as NA.



You can view the content and questions that a worker viewed when they completed their induction. See Induction > Reviewing a Worker's Induction History



If there are Checklists linked to an induction section, they will appear once you manually mark Complete for an induction section. If the worker has already completed the section themselves, their responses will be displayed on their profile.


✅ To edit the responses on a checklist:

  1. Press the Edit button in the top right of the checklist (see below)
  2. Press Save changes at the bottom of the page to save, or press Cancel to go back
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