HSEQ Inspections > Filtering and Exporting the Inspections List

As a Main Contractor, when viewing the list of Active or Completed Inspections, it is possible for you to filter and export a copy of the items into spreadsheet, so that it can be distributed or kept for your own record.

To filter Inspections when logged into a project on HammerTech:

  • Navigate to > HSEQ INSPECTIONS on the left panel
  • Select either Active or Completed Inspections
  • In the top right corner there is a light blue Filter icon that allows you to narrow the list down further and choose what particular types of Inspections you wish to see, based on their Status, Attendance, Category, Type, and Location.


To export Inspections when logged into a project on HammerTech:

  • After navigating to HSEQ INSPECTIONS > Active/Completed Inspections, select the Export icon in the top right corner and then > Spreadsheet.
  • The downloaded spreadsheet will take into account any filtering that may have been applied (see above).


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