HSEQ Inspections Setup > Setting Up Checklists with an Audit Score

When configuring inspection checklist questions within HammerTech, it is possible to assign a numeric value to the answers to assist with auditing inspections.


  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > ADMINISTRATION > Checklist Types
  • Select the '+' button in the top right corner to add a new checklist, or select one from the list.
  • Select the Inspection Checklist from the Type dropdown, and enter a Name (if you are creating a new Checklist).
  • When adding questions, if you select 'Yes / No' or 'Yes / No / Na' then you will be required to select from some options below. One of these options is labeled Audit Score and allows you to enter a number into the field next to each answer. 


  • When users are completing the relevant checklist, the score of all the answers will appear next to the Checklist name, with the total score from all checklists appearing at the top. Any audit scoring will also appear in the pdf report for the inspection. See below for an example of how it will appear:


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