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To record the results to sign-in test questions, first make sure you have configured After Sign-In Test Questions in your HammerTech system, (see Configuring After Sign-In Test Questions)

Once configured, users are able to record the question results against each signed in worker and visitor for that day. Results entered on previous days cannot be added to or modified, and must be completed on the day.

Recording After Sign-In Test Answers

  1. Log in to HammerTech
  2. Go to the Site Diary and select the current day
  3. Select After Sign-In Test from the blue cog in the top right corner (if you are unable to see this option, make sure you have already configured Sign-In Test Questions)
  4. Select a signed in worker or visitor straight from the list to record results against the Sign-In Test Questions - Use the Search bar to find specific people, either using their name or their 6 digit unique code (workers only).
  5. Select Save in the popup to submit




Note: This page will by default display a list of any signed in workers and visitors for the day that have NOT had answers entered against the Sign-In Test Questions yet. The list will continue to refresh as workers sign in, and once answers have been submitted, the list will be update to remove the worker/visitor. This is to make it easier for people on site to record the results as workers turn up to site, without needing to refresh the page.
If you would like to view the full unfiltered list, select the blue filter icon in the top right corner and select 'Show All' instead of 'Pending Results Only'.

Viewing and Editing After Sign-In Test Answers

  • To view all the test results for a certain day, navigate back to the Site Diary > Signin Book.
  • The second last column will display each worker or visitor's Test Results:
    • Passed - All answers have been marked as 'Pass' and no 'Fails'
    • Failed - At least one or more question has been marked as 'Fail'
    • Pending - No results have been entered for this worker yet
  • Use the filter in the top right hand corner to easily view workers with either Pass, Fail, or Pending test results.
  • To view or edit the test results from this page, select the blue arrow next to the relevant person and select After Sign-In Test.


Viewing Test Results 

  • To view Checklist Answers for a certain day, navigate back to the Site Diary > Signin Book.
  • Select the After Sign-in Test from the 'Actions' Tab
  • A new window will open up with a list of the Sign-In checklist answers


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